Textures in Stitch and Stroke October 2020

Up and running now at State of the Art Gallery: Textures in Stitch and Stroke

Sapsucker Pond in September
18 x14 oil on canvas
framed $500 w/o frame $450

Saundra Goodman and Diana Ozolins are the two featured artists at State of the Art Gallery during October, starting October 1 and running through November 1, 2020. Goodman uses colorful crochet as her artistic medium, and Ozolins is showing the oil paintings of landscapes done during the past two years.  The Gallery is open  Thursday and Friday noon – 6:00pm and weekends noon -5:00pm. It is located at 120 W Martin Luther King Jr./  W State St. in Ithaca.

We are practicing social distancing in accord with NYS safety measures to guard against the spread of Covid-19. Please visit the gallery only if you are healthy, no more than 8 people will be allowed in at a time.  You are required to wear a mask properly at all times, use hand sanitizer, and sign a visitor log when you come in. more info at www.soagithaca.org. 

Smaller paintings such as the one on the left, Sapsucker Pond in September,  were all started on location during the summer of 2019, with palette knife, and are highly textured. Most were also brought into the studio to continue the process of becoming fully resolved paintings. The larger paintings were painted in the studio using photos and sketches as reference material.

As summer waned, and the days grew shorter and colder, I had to stop my outdoor painting practice and move into the studio. I found myself doing a completely different kind of painting, surreal images that came out of my head in response to emotional states, and the strange way covid was making us live. The muse is an unpredictable companion to creation, and I wondered if I would ever return to landscape

Foggy Morning, May 14, 1
20 x 20 oil on canvas
framed $775, w/o frame $700

The first of these larger landscape paintings was prompted by early spring fog on the morning of May 14. It was so beautiful,  It was as if my heart had suddenly burst open to nature again, and I knew I had to paint it. I also knew that the fog was going to quickly change. The sun would burn it off, so I didn’t have time to do a painting right then and there. I grabbed my camera and a sketch book, took some photos, and made a pencil sketch to capture the essence of the scene. After breakfast I started the painting. I used the brush to catch the softness of the morning, and found, to my surprise, that it felt comfortable and familiar, and had a pleasing tactile feeling as the paint was being applied. Almost all of those larger paintings, except for Von Engeln Nature Preserve, were done with brush, and have a smoother texture. Returning to using the brush was a surprise from my muse. 

Von Engeln, Malloryville, NY
20 x 22 oil on canvas
framed $725, unframed $650

You can see more of this show online at www.soagannex.art

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