New at State of Art Gallery January 2019


Beech Walk, Cape Cod Nat’l Seashore, 18″x18″, oil on canvas

I have eight new paintings at the State of the Art Gallery for the month of January.  Ten members of the gallery are exhibiting in TAKE TEN, which kicks off a full year of the gallery celebrating the anniversary of its 30th year. The show will run January 2-27, with an opening reception Friday, January 4, 5:00-8:00 pm. 

Common Mugwort in a South Wind, 16″x20″, oil on canvas,

Sand Dunes, Cape Cod Nat’l Seashore, 14″x18″, oil on canvas

“The rare moment is not the moment when there is something worth looking at, but the moment when we are capable of seeing.” Joseph Wood Krutch.*

This series of paintings celebrates the ordinary as extraordinary. After a summer of traveling to exquisitely beautiful destinations, coming home with a gazillion great photos, I thought I was all set to create a series of oil paintings referencing my recent vistas. However, nothing struck me as immediately paintable, neither distant mountain views, nor roaring surf, rushing gorges, peaceful farms sloping down along the river. All the places that I recently found so enchanting left me uninspired. I resumed my familiar daily walks close to home through Cass Park and beyond the marina into the wild wetlands and along the many local trails – places I thought were drained of their visual potential. One day, in one moment that was somehow different from the ten thousand moments before that, I finally became capable of seeing. The same old weeds and trees, goldenrod, common mugwort, wetland grasses, box elder and cottonwoods were new again in sun and cloud and the tossing of the wind. I also began to see my travel photos as dynamic compositions; and included some landscapes from Cape Cod here as well. 

* Joseph Wood Krutch (November 25, 18

Box Elders in the Wetlands, 20″x30″, oil on canvas

93 – May 22, 1970) was an American writer, critic, and naturalist, 

Three Cottonwoods in Goldenrod (The Wetlands). 16″X20″, oil on canvas

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