Getting started again: Day 3

yvonnepainting“Yvonne painting at Bill and Jack’s” has been bothering me since I first created it. It has had many revisions, fits and starts. Today it tells me that changing the angle of the table will create a more believable space. What a remarkable change. I’ve known for quite some time that I needed to clean up some smudges on the lampshade and the hat. Taking care of that brightened it considerably, and called for further changes. The table cloth was too bright, needed some receding color. The new sense of rightness of space popped it into a greater sense of reality and called out for the bowl and lemons to be adjusted. Then highlights on the body, brightening the shirt, and fixing the awkward hand. In a nutshell, “I’ll just…“ turned into a complete overhaul. I think it is spectacular now. I am very pleased with it and my day of painting.
TualatinAfter lunch I got to some revisions on the huge firs in the Tualatin landscape. That has been bothering me for a year. Again, it took a long time to think about what needed to be done. First, changing the bright yellow in the sky to a more believable blue, then the leaves on the trees needed to be compensated to punch up the brightness with the yellow gone. The path next needed to be lightened, made more complex, and graded from close to far. In the process, the amount and quality of light pouring across it needed to be adjusted. Once again, it was a rolling cascade of changes – one thing called out for another as the relationships between areas shifted. Was much pleased with it afterwards.

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