Also on Exhibit in Ithaca in April 2018 – Color and Shape

Red Among Blues, oil on canvas, 12″x12″

I have paintings on display at Transformations Hair and Body Salon until May 26.  

You can see their website: Transformations Hair and Body Salon

The paintings in this exhibit are abstracts from the series Color and Shape which I worked on from November 2016 to December 2017, and a few earlier works. For the past three years, I have been working on abstract paintings in the winter and landscapes during spring through fall. It makes sense, at a time when it is too cold to paint outdoors, when nature strips all but the most subtle color from the landscape. There is a delicious freedom in painting totally without expectation and a wonderful whimsy to exploring color. I can let the paint, as it is laid down on the canvas, dictate the next stroke and the next color choice. It becomes a dialogue between the painter and the painting.

Yellow #4 Red Yellow Blue, oil on canvas, 18″x18″

These paintings form a series of mini-series, each one with a different goal. First I explored shape for the purpose of influencing sentiment, then complementary color to define spatial depth in the plane, and lastly, analogous color to create compelling compositions. Dames and Despots is an example of playing with shape. I wanted to create an imposing shape contrasted with small translucent shapes. I will keep my motivating idea private from the viewer so that he or she can engage with the painting on a personal level. I would like them to be free to experience what ever emotion arises if the painting resonates within them.

yellow #3, acrylic on canvas,18″x18″

Orange with Triangles is an example of playing with complementary colors*; and my goal here was to make the triangles seem to float out away from the background orange-ish color. The yellow explorations and blue etudes were exercises in analogous color**. The blues created especially quiet and peaceful paintings, but I didn’t succeed in creating a painting of interest without using complementary color, however pale it might have been. That will remain a challenge to me for future exploration.

Despot and Dames, 18×24″, oil on canvas, $600

Swirls on Green, oil on canvas,18″x24″

*Arranged on a color wheel, complementary colors are opposite from each other and when mixed together will create black, such as orange/ green, yellow/ purple – things you wouldn’t want to mix in your wardrobe, unless you want a very dramatic look.

**Analogous colors come in groups of three , and are next to each other on the color wheel. Examples are yellow/ red/ orange, – blue/ green/ yellow. Mixing analogous colors will create a new version of the original color – no drama there.

The paintings at Transformations are for sale, and if you would like to purchase one, leave a check or cash with the Transformations staff. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 607 275 7891. More paintings can be seen on my website

Gullag, oil on Canvas, 18″x24″

Landscape 11/9, 16×20″, oil on canvas, $500


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